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VIVID Extra Thin Condoms

  52 +/-2mm flat width nominal
190mm long nominal
Meets or exceeds all current U.S. FDA standards

Extra Thin VIVID Condoms
Now you can show her how deep your love goes and still be sure that you enjoy a safe trip! This Extra Thin Vivid condom is like a breath of fresh air. Vivid Extra Thin is made from very thin, satiny-smooth latex for that genuinely real feel. Tinted pink and lubricated, it puts the X in your next sensual eXperience. The thinnest, best feeling condom you'll ever use are as much about giving, as they are about receiving. And they're tested three different ways to ensure they meet or exceed every international standard for the manufacturing of fine quality condoms. Vivid Extra Thin... when you really want to share the moment.

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